Friday, 6 April 2012

Bank Holiday Bonus manicure - Dark French

Dark French
Another variation on the French manicure is to use the traditional natural-coloured base and to  paint the tips in colour rather than white. This can be cheerful and bright or as in this case, darker and more film-noirish.

For the manicure below I tidied my mails with my reliable old crystal file as before, and moistursed with two coats of a hydrating mask. I then used two coats of Hard as Nails to give a glossy and protective finish. The colour on the tips is hard to see in these pictures and looks far darker than it is in real life, but it's Ruby and Millie's nail polish in Wine; a very deep and glossy berry-toned red.

I haven't supplied a link as Ruby and Millie products were withdrawn from sale in 2011 pending a retro-themed relaunch which still hasn't happened, but which I'm anticipating with credit card at the ready.
Very slightly gothy but still elegant enough for the workplace

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