Saturday, 25 February 2012

*taps mic* Ahem. one-two-one-two.

Welcome to Ladies' Things, a new blog on fashion, beauty and modern living. I'll be posting reviews of makeup and skin care, commentary on fashion both red carpet and retail, sharing thoughts and links on the subject of entertaining and subjecting you, the Dear Reader, to all manner of strange and wonderful musings on the related subjects of general fabulousness.

A little about me, with no apologies for what anyone might see as mutually exclusive traits: I'm a plus-size fashionista, a wearer of several hats both in fashion and in life, a high-end make-up lover living on a strict budget, a feminist who adores burlesque and likes it when a man opens doors for her, a modern, independent girl with an old-fashioned attitide about being Lady-like. Note the capital L. There will be a lot of that as we go on. I'll explain later. 

Don't take me too seriously. I might get Ideas about my station and think what I have to say is any more relevant than anyone else who may post or comment here. I promise you, my faithful readers, that I will never become one of those bloggers.

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